Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Shakedown

Photos of us during the period between Commissioning and First Deployment


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Bond and McInvale

Ackie J. Bond and Ralph McInvale hamming for the camera.

Becker and Rapata

BT-1 Warren Becker, DC2 Jim Rapata

BTFN Miller

BTFN John Miller

Blachowski and friends

SN Blachowski and friends take a break on the Mess Deck

BT-1 Becker

BT-1 Becker

D'Agostino and friend

SN Dan D'Agostino, unidentified shipmate, taken in Puget Sound during torpedo ops.

BT-1 Becker in the fire room

BT1 Becker on the control board in the fire room.

SF-1 Czarnick

SF1 Floyd Czarnick on the fantail

BT-1 Becker

BT1 Becker headed for the shower

MM-3 Stroud

MM3 William Stroud in the compartment taking it easy.

BT-2 Jim Kellum

BT-2 Jim W. Kellum

Card game in Engineering

Card game in the Engineering compartment, l-r, MM-2 John VandenBerg, MM-2 Larry Simon, MM-2 Dunn and MM-2 Robinson

John VandenBerg

MM-2 John Dallas VandenBerg

Bond and Gartner

Ackie Bond, Ray Gartner - probably Long Beach on the strip.

Bob Kupfer

MM-2 Bob Kupfer, somewhere around San Diego at a Wildlife Ranger station of all places.

John VandenBerg

John VandenBerg, naval housing, Long Beach

Queen Mary coming in

How many of us went out to the end of the Mole to watch the Queen Mary come in for the last time?

First and Second division berthing

Some inhabitants of First and Second Division berthing
l-r FTM-2 Dave Grinnell, FTM-3 Thomas Sattie, unknown shipmate, FTM-1 William Crier, unknown shipmate, front SN Robert Millington