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Pros and Cons of Multi-Ship Reunion

by Bob feldman on 07/18/17

We'd like to hear your thoughts for having, or not having the Brooke, Ramsey, and Schofield Reunions together. 

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1. Robert Courtney said on 7/18/17 - 02:52PM
I think it's a good idea. Costs could be cut and, as mentioned, maybe larger group discounts.
2. Frank Young said on 7/21/17 - 08:02AM
For the Branson reunion there was a minimum of 20 people, in some cases, to get a discount on shows and other activities. Same with rooms, every 20 rooms booked for the night there was a free room made available. So yes, this could be a very good thing. Having separate formal dinner's and business meeting would still allow as independent 'associations'. For this to happen, three special groups of committee people working together in agreement will be paramount!
3. Bob Feldman said on 7/21/17 - 08:14AM
We definitely will be three separate entities. We're just combining forces to get better rates and the advantage of seeing shipmates from sister vessels that we served on together. As we did at this last reunion, we can draw names and get a refund on the free rooms awarded. Kudos to the previous Ramsey Association Group.

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